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Irrigation Management

Drip Conversion for HOA
Drip Conversion for HOA

Water Efficiency

Emerald City Landscaping is an industry leader in irrigation management. Currently, Emerald City is ranked 12th in the State of California in Irrigation use efficiency. See the official rankings page here:

Sod Removal/Drip Irrigation Conversion

Emerald City Landscaping is leading the industry in converting turf grass over to drip irrigation with drought-tolerant plants. To date, we have successfully converted more than 150,000 square feet of turf. We have perfected the process and pass the savings off to our clients.

Greg Jones has built personal relationships with water department officials throughout Santa Cruz County, which makes it easy to apply for rebates. For Example, Soquel Water Creek District offers $1 per square foot of rebates, up to 10,000 square feet. This amount per square foot can usually pay for almost half of the project. In 2014, we started converting existing shrub beds and plantings — that were originally irrigated by spray head irrigation — over to drip irrigation. This has been a complete success, greatly reducing our clients’ irrigation costs, attaining water department rebates while not having to re-plant the landscape.

This long term project saves Capitola Knolls HOA over $30,000 a year in irrigation usage charges.

In the first year with Hidden Oaks of Scott’s Valley HOA, Emerald City Landscaping saved them over $20,000 after analyzing irrigation usage, repairing breaks and leaks, and implementing a more efficient irrigation schedule.